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Having second thoughts about a child custody case?

For Missouri parents, few things are more stressful than the end of a marriage. Not only does divorce represent the end of the bond between a husband and wife, it also brings about a wide range of worries about how parenting time will be divided. It is not uncommon for parents to have second thoughts during a child custody case and to question whether they are making the right move in dividing the family.

A win in Kelly Rutherford's child custody case

Many Missouri readers are familiar with the long-running custody battle between "Gossip Girl" star Kelly Rutherford and her former husband. The pair have been embroiled in a heated fight over the care and custody of their two children, and the international aspects of the child custody case have made the fight difficult on all sides. In a recent hearing, Rutherford achieved a significant win in the case, and her children have been ordered back to the United States.

Grief is normal after child custody changes

The manner in which children will handle the news of their parents' divorce is different for every Missouri family. Some kids will take these changes in stride, while others may struggle to come to terms with the new structure of the family. A recent article suggests that for some kids, divorce and child custody changes result in the experience of a form of grief. The following outline could help parents know what to expect in the weeks and months following the announcement of a divorce.

Family in child custody battle with state

For most Missouri families, the thought of having their children taken away is one of the most distressing scenarios imaginable. Parents who remain in an intact marriage often feel assured that their family unit will remain unbroken, but it is important to understand that divorce is not the only child custody threat that families can face. In certain circumstances, parental rights are challenged by the state, which can be a harrowing experience for both parents and children.

Study challenges assumptions regarding joint custody of children

Many child welfare experts believe that children of divorced parents fare better when one parent has sole custody. In Missouri and other states, this sole custody arrangement is thought to provide more stability and result in less stress for the children.

Factors considered for moving a custody case to new state

Missouri parents who have physical custody of their children following divorces might move to different states for job purposes, to be closer to senior family members or other reasons. If the parents want to modify their custody orders for any reason, they generally have to return to Missouri, where the orders were issued. However, Missouri judges could send the cases to the new states under certain circumstances.

Changing a custody order under Missouri law

Normally, to change an existing child custody order in the state of Missouri, a substantial change in circumstances on the part of one or both parents that would significantly alter the nature of the parent-child relationship must be demonstrated. A few possible reasons a custody order might be modified include the arrest of a parent for a crime, allegations of drug use or abuse, or accusations of domestic violence against either parent.

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