Over 15 years experience in Dissolution of Marriage and Legal Separation cases in St Louis County and City and St Charles County. Child Custody, modifications, relocations, high net worth and assets.

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Over 15 years experience in Child Custody matters in St Louis County and City and St Charles County. Paternity, divorce, modification of divorces, and relocation cases.

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Representation of record labels, production companies, management companies and recording artists in the drafting and negotiation of music industry contracts and agreements.

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Committed to Helping Clients With Family Matters

The end of a marriage is rife with personal issues. Important, life-changing decisions must be made during emotionally charged times. While you deal with the fallout from your separation, I attend to all the legal details of your divorce with a focus on protecting your rights and looking out for your best interests.

At the Law Office of Barbara Graham, LLC — the firm I established to help area residents during life-changing times — I provide aggressive advocacy for individuals facing challenging futures. My practice of family law includes the following areas:

  • Divorce and the division of property
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child and spousal support
  • Orders of protection
  • Divorce modifications
  • Contempt and enforcement proceedings
  • Paternity claims
  • Adoption or guardianship of a child
Barbara Graham St. Louis Divorce & Family Law Attorney


"Barbara Graham handled my divorce case with the utmost professionalism. She clearly had my best interests as well as my daughter's best interests in mind throughout the entire process." B.T.
"Barbara was a highly recommended attorney and having worked with her on several occasions I have found her to be fair, direct, aggressive, available and honest. Her knowledge of the law with her compassion for clients make a combination not easily found in an attorney." L.S.
"Barbara was very helpful in getting our music business established. Her knowledge prevented us from being taken advantage of." S.H.
"I have been a client of Barbara's for more than 3 years. I have been very satisfied with her expertise and her ability to address my business concerns with such professionalism. The compassion Barbara has shown towards me is a definite plus. I feel like she treats me as an individual with respect. I highly recommend Ms Graham." K.M.

A closer look into our Practice Areas

What We Do


Spousal Support

A spouse who may have put a career on hold to raise children is now faced with an uncertain financial future.

Property Division

When you divorce, the process of dividing up your property can be emotional and difficult.


The safety of my clients is vital to me, whether they are involved in a divorce or dealing with an abusive spouse.

Spousal Support

Statutory formulas exist to determine child support amounts in Missouri. However, the calculator that exists does not always provide the most accurate of numbers.


As time goes on following the end of the marriage, events occur that require a revisiting of the original documents.


I understand what is at stake when payments are not made and the difficulties of enforcing such payments.



Paternity testing is a necessary step to protect the rights of single parents while looking out for the best interests of their children.


The unstable and unpredictable job market in Missouri often makes it necessary for a person to move to another state to pursue employment.

Stepparent Adoption

Stepparent adoptions are the most common form of adoption that I see in my practice at the Law Office of Barbara Graham, LLC.

Rights of Children and Fathers

Having a child does not automatically give a father parental rights if he is not married to the mother.


Instead of families being divided by divorce, a couple or family can unite over a new addition to their household.

Guardianship of Minors

Often people have a child residing with them due to the natural parents not being able or willing to care for the child.


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