Child Support

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Child Support

Statutory formulas exist to determine child support amounts in Missouri. However, the calculator that exists does not always provide the most accurate of numbers. Taking a fact-based approach to child support requires me to have all the facts regarding a parent’s income and expenses.

At the Law Office of Barbara Graham, LLC, I educate my clients that child support is just that — financial support for their children. Parents are obligated to ensure that their child is taken care of through support payments. However, there are some cases where parents are being less up front regarding their income and expenses. Others try to increase the number of overnight stays to minimize their obligation.

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Determining the Amount of Child Support

Determining child support requires entering income, expenses and other information into a “calculator.” However, the accuracy of that final amount is only as good as the data provided. Parents who are self-employed or business owners and lack a W-2 may try to hide income. They might own rental property and generate supplemental income that they do not report.

In those cases, I combine my experience and attention to detail with the expertise of financial professionals. Discovery is often needed by subpoenaing financial records and taking depositions.

Far too much is at stake to ignore the most minor of details. Your children are entitled to maximum child support under state law.

How Long Does Child Support Last in Missouri?

Under Missouri law, child support continues until a child reaches the age of 18; however, if the child remains in school after age 18, the child support obligation will continue until the child reaches age 21. In addition, orders can be entered that address how the parents will pay for the child’s college expenses, as well as a child’s sports, private school and activities.

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