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Establishing Paternity in Missouri


Couples who have children outside of marriage face a variety of challenges in the future, especially if the relationship ends. Mothers may be dealing with financial struggles in raising a child on their own. Fathers could be denied quality time with their child. Paternity testing is a necessary step to protect the rights of single parents while looking out for the best interests of their children.

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At the Law Office of Barbara Graham, LLC, I am an experienced paternity lawyer who advocates for biological mothers and fathers seeking to exercise and protect their rights as parents. The formal declaration of paternity can ensure that the children are provided for financially and that fathers continue to play active roles in their lives.

If you are a mother struggling financially or a father who wants parenting time with your child, take action.

Paternity and Father's Rights - Barbara Graham Attorney

Fathers' Rights Through Paternity

While DNA testing to identify the biological father is a scientific process, paternity cases possess emotional elements. Without the benefit of marriage or living with the mother, a father must assert his custody and visitation rights following the results of a paternity test. An unmarried mother must also protect the rights of her child to receive child support and access the father’s health insurance.

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