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Helping Families Through the Stepparent Adoption Process

Stepparent adoptions are the most common form of adoption that I see in my practice at the Law Office of Barbara Graham, LLC. In these situations, a second husband or wife has established a relationship with a child. Frequently, the other biological parent is not active in his or her child's life.

At my firm, I work diligently to make the process as smooth for stepparents as possible. I will work directly with you to ensure that you understand the steps and what you can expect. As an experienced family law attorney in St. Louis, I am knowledgeable in this process and can provide you with the advice and support you need at all stages of the adoption process.

Adopting a Stepchild: The Process

In Missouri, the adoption process is governed by statute. How long the process will take will depend on the specific circumstances in your case. If the other biological parent consents to the adoption, then the process can go more quickly. If the other parent does not consent, the process can become more complicated. In these situations, you may need to be able to show that the other parent:

  • Has had his or her rights as a parent terminated
  • Previously consented to the adoption of the child
  • Has neglected or abandoned the child for at least six months
  • Cannot be located, rejected paternity or is unknown
  • Has a physical condition that keeps the parent from caring for the child

Regardless of how complex or contested your case is, I will work to make the process as straightforward as possible for you. I can handle the legal aspects of your case so you can focus on building and maintaining your relationship with the child.

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For more information about stepparent adoptions in Missouri or to schedule an appointment with an experienced adoption lawyer, please e-mail my office, call me at 314-725-7600 . My office is in Clayton in the Sevens Building.