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A win in Kelly Rutherford’s child custody case

Many Missouri readers are familiar with the long-running custody battle between “Gossip Girl” star Kelly Rutherford and her former husband. The pair have been embroiled in a heated fight over the care and custody of their two children, and the international aspects of the child custody case have made the fight difficult on all sides. In a recent hearing, Rutherford achieved a significant win in the case, and her children have been ordered back to the United States.

The kids have been living abroad with their father since 2012. The couple were granted joint custody of the children in an earlier hearing, but the children’s father, who is not an American citizen, had his United States visa revoked and was no longer allowed to enter the country. Because of this, the court ordered that the children would live with him in Europe and that Rutherford could fly over to visit with them. That left Rutherford with no choice but to make the lengthy and expensive journey overseas as frequently as possible, while also continuing to fight the case in the U.S. court system.

However, when Rutherford recently flew to visit the children, her former husband refused to allow her to see them unless she surrendered their passports to whom he called a “neutral party.” Rutherford asserts that the party in question was actually one of his attorneys. She returned home and took the matter before the court and was awarded sole custody of the children. The court ordered that they be returned before June 15.

This marks a significant turn of events in the lengthy child custody case and is certainly a win for Rutherford, who has not been able to see her children regularly since their departure from the country in 2012. That said, until her former husband returns the children to American soil, the matter remains unresolved. In addition, the parents are likely to continue to fight the issue in court, which could continue for many years to come. In the meantime, many in Missouri will continue to follow the case until the children are returned.

Source: People, “Kelly Rutherford Granted Sole Custody of Her 2 Children“, Michele Corriston, May 24, 2015