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Actors file for divorce after 18 months apart

Much like marriage, divorce can often require some planning and forethought. Some couples will know what they want quite quickly, while others may choose to take some time to ensure they’re making the right decision. Whatever the case, divorce can provide a fresh start for both parties. Couples in Missouri in this position need to consider how to divide their assets, and if they have children, they may require a custody agreement.

The more you have, the more there is to sort out, although this doesn’t necessarily mean the process has to be more difficult. With cooperation, or at least mediation if you don’t agree with your spouse, decisions can be made much faster. For celebrity couples, divorce often involves debates over particularly large sums of money and expensive properties. Some choose to sign a prenuptial agreement, but this is not always the case.

One couple well-known for their television appearances are Will Arnett and Amy Poehler. The couple have been separated for 18 months, and recently Arnett filed for divorce. Both are rumored to be involved with other people and moving on with their lives. The couple have two sons, and Arnett has filed for joint custody.

Celebrity divorces often catch the attention of people across the United States. For couples in Missouri, particularly those with significant assets, it is important to handle the divorce process just as sensitively as a high-profile couple would. It is a new beginning for you both, so reaching a fair agreement on your assets is extremely beneficial. An attorney with good knowledge of state divorce legislation can help you reach a settlement with your ex-spouse, whether amicably or in court.

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