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Back to Business, with Some New Changes

After two months of practicing law from home with college students, dogs, and crappy printers, I am finally starting to transition back to my office in Clayton.

The traditional way of having meetings and consultations with lawyers has always (for clients) involved having to schedule the meeting, take time off work, drive to the office and park, and come up and sit in the conference room to have a conversation. For me, it involved setting it on my schedule, blocking out the conference room, and making sure that our receptionist had the correct forms for the client to fill out if it is an initial consultation.

Enter “Zoom Meetings”.

While working from home, I did those with clients, I did them with judges for court appearances, and with other lawyers. (I also did them with friends for happy hour). Our children did them for classes, my son did Zoom meetings with his baseball coaches and teammates. My Goldendoodle became a regular Zoom Bomber.

As I am back in the office and clients and prospective clients are calling, I am still giving them the option to meet in person or virtually. Most are picking Zoom! Yes, that is probably the correct choice right now as we are trying to social distance (although our conference room is pretty big). But they are also choosing it because of the convenience. Many have kids at home and don’t want to have to get child care to go see a lawyer. Others are working from home or an office and would rather not disrupt their entire day.

If you are a prospective new client, we will be continuing to make Zoom meetings an option, however, you can also come and meet with us in person. If you opt for Zoom, we will email you our new client intake form in preparation for the Zoom conference. It is the same form that you would fill out if you came to our office for a consultation, except that this one is a fillable form that you can fill out and email back. We also will email you any other paperwork that we may discuss in our consultation, including financial forms for family law cases. That way you have the form to look at while we go over it.

I hope these changes will make things more convenient for our clients. Unfortunately, my cute dog is still at home so she won’t be making any more Zoom appearances. Contact me today to set up a meeting in person or via Zoom.