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Jeff Bezos' $140 billion divorce: How it affects Amazon

Here's a look at the impact the split may have on Amazon, its employees and its customers.

A reprint of an article byBezos.png BEN FOX RUBIN for CNet

Jeff Bezos' divorce announcement this month has been a boon for the gossip pages, with tabloids dishing on the couple's massive fortune of roughly $140 billion and on Bezos' reported steamy texts to his new girlfriend.

But beyond the world of TMZ and Page Six, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos' divorce could have a big impact on Amazon's ownership and create new challenges for the company. And though it's unlikely, that turbulence could even harm consumers by slowing Amazon's rapid pace of growth and innovation.

Additionally, the divorce is expected to result in one of the most notable settlements in history, and likely the biggest, since Bezos is the world's richest person and runs one of the world's most valuable companies.

Consider taxes while negotiating custody agreements

For Missouri parents who are going through divorce, the sheer volume of decisions that must be made in a constricted timeframe can feel overwhelming. For parents who are negotiating child custody agreements, there are even more decisions to be made. Considering the tax ramifications of a new child custody structure is important, and should be made part of the process.

Many parents assume that the party who receives the bulk of parenting time will also receive the right to claim the child or children as his or her dependents for tax purposes. However, that outcome is not set in stone. Parents are able to negotiate a custody agreement that suits their particular set of needs, including crafting an arrangement that maximizes the tax benefits associated with dependents.

Knowing when to contact a divorce attorney

A great many spouses who eventually end their marriages spend an enormous amount of time considering that possibility prior to taking any action. Some are uncertain at which point they should contact a divorce attorney, and waver in making this critical decision. It is important to understand that when it comes to matters of Missouri divorce, including property division and child custody, taking a proactive approach is the best possible course of action.

For example, one of the first steps in any divorce case involves gathering a significant volume of documentation on family financial matters. It is not uncommon for a spouse who is angry or bitter at the news of a divorce to intentionally block his or her partner's ability to access that information. That can prolong the divorce process, and can drive up the costs for everyone involved. By working with an attorney prior to filing for divorce, a great deal of these paperwork matters can be handled in advance.

Unusual fathers' rights case makes national headlines

An unusual case has led to a great deal of media attention in Missouri and across the nation. The case centers on a family in which a man and his wife invited another woman into their marriage. A resulting pregnancy added to their unusual family dynamic, and eventually to a child custody case that has set legal precedent, and resulted in a fathers' rights victory.

The man and wife had tried to conceive a child, and the wife had suffered a miscarriage. Later, they met a woman living next door, and initiated a sexual relationship with her. That relationship turned into an alternative family structure, and the neighbor eventually became pregnant. The parties agreed to raise the child together, but when the baby boy was nearly a year old, the two women decided to leave the man and reside solely with one another.

Father asks court for custody modification after video goes viral

Some Missouri residents are aware of a viral video clip of an episode of Dr. Phil that has recently made the rounds. The video features a 13-year-old girl who is blatantly disrespectful and rude. Her parents are no longer together, and her father is now asking for a custody modification based on how the child's behavior has been addressed by her mother.

It is unclear what led the family to be featured on Dr. Phil. However, the girl's poor attitude has gained her a small degree of fame. Clips of the show have been made into many different memes, and the teen has been invited to appear on other shows and to travel to Los Angeles. She has even hired a bodyguard for some appearances.

Changing Insurance after Divorce

Divorce is a challenging period of emotional highs and lows. It’s a significant change that presents both freedom and rejection, not to mention the physical assets and property division that are a key part of the process.

Sorting through real estate, child custody, retirement plans and savings accounts is difficult but, with the physical property in front of your eyes, some things are easier to remember as you rebuild your independent, post-divorce life.

Tips on improving credit before and after a divorce

Many Missouri couples have amassed a significant volume of wealth within their marriage and are in a good position to divide their marital assets during a divorce. That said, there are many cases in which one or both spouses have neglected to develop or maintain a positive credit history. Failure to have good credit can lead to a wide range of problems after a divorce, including difficulty opening new lines of credit and even problems finding a new job.

It is important for spouses to gain an understanding of their personal credit scenario prior to initiating a divorce. This begins with gathering one's credit report from all three credit bureaus and checking for errors or omissions. Any information that is missing or has been improperly reported can be challenged directly with the bureau, and most errors are easily corrected.

Having second thoughts about a child custody case?

For Missouri parents, few things are more stressful than the end of a marriage. Not only does divorce represent the end of the bond between a husband and wife, it also brings about a wide range of worries about how parenting time will be divided. It is not uncommon for parents to have second thoughts during a child custody case and to question whether they are making the right move in dividing the family.

When considering second thoughts, it is helpful to determine the root cause of one's doubts. Often, second thoughts are based in fear of the uncertainties that lie ahead, especially in regard to the care and custody of one's children. The best way to address the issue is to reduce the number of uncertainties, which can be accomplished by playing an active role in the legal aspects of the divorce.

Prenups can ease divorce settlement woes

More and more couples are making the decision to draft prenuptial agreements prior to walking down the aisle. In fact, a survey conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reveals that members experienced a recent increase in prenups of 63 percent. Many Missouri residents understand that these marital contracts can be a powerful financial tool, and can make reaching a divorce settlement far easier if that need should arise. Instead of feeling uncomfortable broaching the topic, many couples are eager to discuss the matter with a family law attorney.

As potent a tool as a prenup can be, it is important to understand that there are circumstances that can render the contract null and void. For example, one of the most common challenges to a prenup is the claim that the contract was entered into without a proper disclosure of all assets. If one spouse fails to disclose the full range of his or her wealth at the time the prenup is drafted, the entire document can be thrown out in court.

Data collection and your Missouri divorce

With the advent of smartphones, life has changed for many Missouri residents. We now have the power to find the cheapest gas prices, locate the nearest Chinese restaurant, keep up with friends and family and catch up on work -- all using a relatively tiny personal computer that fits in our pockets and is also able to make a simple phone call. What few realize, however, is that the same technology that can give us almost instant driving directions to our next destination is also able to track our whereabouts at any given point in time. For spouses who are preparing to divorce, smartphones can be used to secure a great deal of information.

One of the most useful applications of smartphone technology lies in the gathering of GPS data. By installing a simple, cheap and easily attainable piece of software, individuals can collect GPS data over a period of time, and access the results remotely. In this way, a spouse can determine if their partner is where he or she claims to be, and if there are any deviations from their normal patterns of travel. This can be key to uncovering hidden assets, or to obtaining proof of infidelity.

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