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AR, MO among states with highest number of women killed by men

By Region 8 Newsdesk | September 19, 2018 at 9:39 AM CDT - Updated September 19 at 4:36 PM

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A new study finds Arkansas and Missouri are among the states with the highest rates of women killed by men.

Arkansas is ranked 4th in the nation for women killed by men, according to a new study by the Violence Policy Center, with a rate of 1.97 women killed per 100,000. Missouri came in 7th place with a homicide rate of 1.84.

What happens if you cannot meet child support obligations?

A Missouri divorce will have serious financial implications for your life, and sometimes, these changes can impact your life for years to come. It can be difficult to manage financial issues after divorce, and sometimes, they may impact your ability to pay child support. When your financial circumstances change, you can feel overwhelmed and unsure of the most appropriate course of action.

One option for you includes the ability to seek a modification to your existing support order. This is a legal change to your existing child support order, which can make it easier for you to make payments without problems or issues. There are certain requirements you must meet in order to be eligible for this type of change to your custody plan.


I am not particularly interested in the Jolie/Pitt divorce from a celebrity standpoint, but as a divorce attorney the ups and downs and drama is something that I see with some of my own clients, just on a much larger (and far more expensive) scale. Interestingly enough, the resolutions are not all that different than what I would have predicted with my own clients, which shows that people are all basically the same, even if they play superheroes in movies and have billions of dollars and perfect bodies. 


Should You Get a Divorce Now or Later?

This is a reprint from a NY Times article by Paul Sullivan in the "Weath Matters" column on July 27, 2018:


Lawyers and accountants often push their clients to plan for unpleasant events. Better to be prepared now than to pay the consequences later. But the Republican tax law that took effect in January has added a new urgency for wealthy Americans contemplating divorce.

Several key changes in the law may determine whether it is better to complete or update a divorce agreement by Dec. 31 or wait until the new year.

Understanding the Missouri Child Support Payment system

I get calls from clients (and former clients) saying that they have not received their child support payment, or that they don't know how to find 

Child support.jpg

out if they are up to date on child support payments. Often I can find the answer to their question very quickly by logging onto Missouri's Department of Social Services website, and the info is something that most anyone can access as long as they have the right information.

10 Great Pieces of Divorce Advice

Family Law basics.jpgPeople thinking about a divorce don't always get the best guidance from others when they are starting on their journey.  Well meaning friends, family members and unscrupulous attorneys may mislead you without even meaning to.  So here are some important things to think about if you are thinking about going down this path:

1.  Make sure your marriage is over

It doesn't matter how often you threatened to get divorced in the past or ho wmuch you and your spouse discussed it.  Once you ring the bell it is very difficult to "un-ring" it.  So make sure it is what you really want (and need) to do. 

Sports Parents and Shared Custody

Baseball parent.jpg

As if it isn't challenging enough to co-parent with your Ex, if you have a child or children that play sports it can make it even harder. For parents sharing custody of children, navigating your parenting arrangement with youth sports almost represents a microcosm of all the issues that can come up in co=parenting.

Common Sense Gun Control

domestic violence gun.jpgJust a few days ago in St Louis, a 7 year old boy was accidentally shot and killed by his older brother when they were playing with a gun that was in their home. 

The following is taken from the website of the group "Moms Demand Action for Guns Sense in America":  

Why Trump's tax plan may spur more divorces

Looming End of Alimony Write Off has Divorce Lawyers Telling Clients to Act Fast

Republicans may pride themselves on upholding family values, but their new tax law could soon lead to a surge in married couples calling it quits.

Lawyers are counseling couples considering divorce to do it this year - before a 76-year-old deduction for alimony payments is wiped out in 2019 under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.



domestic violence gun.jpg

How many times have we heard this story:  a woman gets an Order of Protection against her abusive husband which excludes him from the house and orders that he not come near her.  Then, a few days after the order is handed down by the judge, the guy goes to her home, work or her mother's house and shoots her.  


This happens all too often in Missouri, where our legislators think it is more important to protect a man's right to be able to bag that deer during hunting season than it is to protect a woman's right not to be shot.

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