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November 2013 Archives

Social Security plays a role in divorce, property division

For older Missouri spouses who are considering divorce, the financial aspects of the end of a marriage are of the utmost importance. In order to structure the most advantageous property division settlement during a divorce, it is imperative that spouses gain a comprehensive understanding of their current financial scenario. It is also necessary to have a working understanding of any and all projected income during retirement.

Does paying child support give you the right to visitation?

There’s a potential irony in the Missouri family law system that has caught a lot of fathers off guard when it comes to issues of child custody and visitation rights. That irony lies in how the court defines your connection to the child; and as many fathers are finding out, it’s this definition that is causing all of the problems.

State laws put St. Louis same-sex couple's divorce in limbo

Thinking about the demise of your marriage is like trying to plan for your own death while still in your early fifties. No one really wants to do it; but when things go from bad to worse, you're at least a little better prepared for the situation ahead of you. But while planning a divorce is a rather straight-forward process for many couples across the United States, including here in Missouri, this isn't necessarily the case for same-sex couples.

Missouri dad's kids found after being illegally taken by mother

Sometimes child custody arrangements can be hard on parents after a divorce. Maybe there was a dispute, and a judge had to make a decision between two good parents who just couldn't come to a custody agreement. Life changes, though, and it may be possible in some cases for a parent to seek a child custody modification. What parents should never do is violate a child custody order.

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