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December 2013 Archives

Millionaire sued for unpaid child support

As many people in Georgia know firsthand, getting divorced has its challenges. Although many couples are able to calmly agree on how to split up their property and debts, along with resolving issues of spousal support and child custody, others, especially those involved in high-asset divorces, experience more contention.

Is the 'nuclear family' a bygone definition?

When someone hears the term “nuclear family,” they might think of a married mom and dad with two kids. The family is likely all of the same race and the kids are probably a boy and a girl with perfect smiles, perfect behaviors, a skill for tennis and a love of school.

Does a prenup help when dividing assets?

The dissolution of a marriage is never an easy thing for any couple to go through and can sometimes become downright contentious depending on the circumstances. This can especially become the case in high-asset divorces where there is more at stake and a lot to lose for many couples. But is there something that Missouri couples can do prior to a marriage that can stop these problems before they even occur? The answer is yes, but it may not be for everyone.

Unpaid child support: Strategies for Missouri custodial parents

In 2009, the Office of Child Support Enforcement reported that unpaid child support totaled $108 billion nationwide. Those are the most recent statistics, but it's safe to assume that many non-custodial parents are still not meeting their child support obligations. Taking legal steps to enforce a support order may be a last resort for some parents in Missouri, and there are some strategies to try before doing that.

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