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February 2014 Archives

Missouri couples discuss benefits of planning for divorce

Whatever the circumstances of your marriage, times and people change. Many couples reach a point where it is time for a fresh start. If they choose to go their separate ways, both parties need to reach a number of agreements concerning finances, possessions, child custody and the decision to file for divorce. For some couples in Missouri, this feels like an unlikely outcome. Others, however, choose to make provisions for divorce, in case their marriage doesn't last forever.

Professor's math algorithm could aid in property division woes

One major problem encountered in divorce settlements is property division. While the goal may be equitable division of marital property, not all divorcing couples in St. Louis agree on how this should be done. Many divorce disputes could stem from this factor alone. To keep emotions from guiding the process, a math professor has devised a way to deal with complex property division in the most mathematical way possible.

Missouri marriage rate decreasing as divorce rate remains high

The process of divorce can be a trying one for all parties involved. Worries about breaking the news to friends and family, division of assets and child custody disputes all come to light. All of these factors highlight the commitments of a marriage, especially when children are involved. Nevertheless, every relationship has its ups and downs, and this is no less true in Missouri, where divorce rates are still higher than they were 50 years ago despite a recent decline in the number of marriages per year.

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