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March 2014 Archives

Father now a fugitive after years of dodging child support

It's no secret that parents don't always get along or remain together after the birth of their child. Whatever the situation, however, both parents have an obligation to ensure that their child receives adequate care and support. Even if one parent never sees the child, that parent may be required by law to pay child support. Unfortunately, not everyone keeps up with payments, and some individuals will go to great lengths to avoid making them.

How do lifestyle clauses work in prenuptial agreements?

When a couple decides to get married, the prospect of divorce may be the last thing on their minds. Nevertheless, divorce is a real possibility in many cases, and many couples consider a prenuptial agreement in case things don't work out. These agreements and the choice of clauses included within them can have a direct impact on the outcome of a divorce settlement.

Man who dodged child support jailed for faking bankruptcy

It's no secret that divorce is emotionally painful for the spouses. However, when children are involved, parents have to keep in mind that their kids' well-being has to come first, and child support is a common factor in protecting the best interests of children.

Proposed legislation could protect Missouri fathers' rights

It is natural for parents to seek both personal time with their children and the opportunity to make important decisions about their future. However, many states, including Missouri, do not automatically grant fathers' rights to the biological father of a child after a separation. The man must first establish paternity, which gives him the right to participate in important legal decisions about the child, such as adoption.

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