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Father now a fugitive after years of dodging child support

It's no secret that parents don't always get along or remain together after the birth of their child. Whatever the situation, however, both parents have an obligation to ensure that their child receives adequate care and support. Even if one parent never sees the child, that parent may be required by law to pay child support. Unfortunately, not everyone keeps up with payments, and some individuals will go to great lengths to avoid making them.

Missouri residents may be shocked to hear that a father of four from Michigan is now liable for $559,900 in delinquent child support payments since his divorce in 1989. Initially, he had been ordered to pay $100 each month in support, but had the amount lowered to $14 when he told the court that he was unemployed and lived with a disability.

Seven years later, federal officials reported that the man had been running a highly successful Internet business and received more than $2 million when he sold the company. With this in mind, child support authorities modified his payment obligations to account for the extra income. Even so, the father has failed to complete any payments since June 1996. He has reportedly remained unseen and has not paid child support in almost 20 years.

If located, he will undoubtedly face jail time.

Although this case is out of Michigan, residents of Missouri have just as much responsibility to adhere to their child support payment schedule. Ultimately, the best interests of the child or children must come first. Sorting out a fair agreement can take time and patience, but with the proper legal guidance and adherence to state laws, you can work toward the best possible arrangement for yourself and your kids.

Source:, "Michigan father is 'Most Wanted Deadbeat,' owes more than $559,000 in child support," Rex Hall Jr., March 20, 2014

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