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April 2014 Archives

Actors file for divorce after 18 months apart

Much like marriage, divorce can often require some planning and forethought. Some couples will know what they want quite quickly, while others may choose to take some time to ensure they're making the right decision. Whatever the case, divorce can provide a fresh start for both parties. Couples in Missouri in this position need to consider how to divide their assets, and if they have children, they may require a custody agreement.

Man arrested a dozen times for not paying child support

As you probably know, a noncustodial parent's monthly child support payments are meant to ensure that the custodial parent has the financial means to provide for the child's needs. Many noncustodial parents happily contribute funds to their children's well-being. Unfortunately, there are other parents who fail to keep up with the required payments, and this is just as true in Missouri as it proved to be in a case in Pennsylvania.

U.S. fathers seek to reunite with their children overseas

Reaching an agreement over the custody of a child can be a difficult process, and it is even harder if the parents live a great distance apart and both still wish to see the child. Recently, a number of American fathers have been campaigning to regain custody of children taken overseas to Japan. Negotiating child custody across international borders is a challenging matter, and the fathers have sought assistance from the U.S. and Japanese governments.

Missouri judge grants father custody after years-long battle

When it comes to a dispute over the custody of a child, the best interests of the child have to come first. Not all children have access to both parents, but if they do, each parent can play a huge part in the development of the child. Unfortunately, though, fathers' rights are often overlooked. One father has faced a long battle to win back his son, who was put up for adoption in Missouri.

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