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May 2014 Archives

Billionaire in $4.8 billion divorce battle

No one wants to remain in a situation where they are unhappy, so why should it be any different with divorce? No matter how well things start out, people change and drift apart. In the end, if your marriage isn't working out, sometimes the best thing you can do is to file for divorce. In Missouri, many couples make this very choice every year. Of course, the next step is to decide how you and your spouse will divide your assets.

Singer's property still in dispute almost 30 years after divorce

As many people divorced in Missouri may know, settling marital property during a divorce is not always the easiest process. Some couples simply decide to split everything 50-50, but for many it is not that simple. Furthermore, a prolonged dispute can be frustrating when all both parties want is a clean break and a fresh start. Intellectual property in particular can be a complicated issue when it comes to divorce settlement, as singer Smokey Robinson has found recently.

Casino players may have winnings seized to pay child support

When child support goes unpaid, it is usually the children who suffer. The system is in place to help ensure that children receive adequate financial support from their parents. In Missouri, the child support system aims to set payments at a level that benefits the child, but is reflective of the parent's means. Unfortunately, all too often these sums continue to go unpaid.

Lost Boys actor in battle for custody of his son

Not all children are able to grow up living with both their parents, but a father’s presence can be just as critical as a mother’s role in a child’s development. When both parents are willing and suitable to be involved in their child’s life, they should fight for their parental rights. Missouri family law seeks to protect the best interests of the child and aims to support parents who prove themselves to be good parents.

Ex-wife of lottery winner gets 2.5 percent in divorce settlement

When couples go their separate ways, they don't always get divorced immediately. They may choose to take some time to consider whether divorce is what they want, whereas others simply don't get around to it. However, if they do eventually decide to divorce, their separation can have an effect on how their marital property is distributed. Couples in Missouri should keep this in mind if they plan to spend some time apart before filing for divorce.

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