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July 2014 Archives

Terrence Howard asks judge to throw out divorce agreement

Missouri fans of Terrence Howard might be surprised to learn that the Oscar-nominated actor lives on less than $6,000 a month, according to TMZ. Howard has asked a judge to release him from his divorce agreement with his second wife, Michelle Ghent, claiming that the spousal support and child support he gives his first wife does not leave him enough to support Ghent as well. Howard and Ghent were married for an approximate year.

Facebook posts result in felony child support charges

Missouri residents may be interested to find out how individuals' social media posts may incriminate them in various legal situations. An assistant district attorney in Milwaukee County, Wis., indicates that this incriminating behavior may be the result of a belief that nobody will care about the posts. Social media has become a helpful child support enforcement tool, however, as many noncustodial parents' pages have displayed information that indicates that these individuals do, in fact, have the ability to meet their financial obligations but do not.

The importance of refinancing a home after a divorce

As couples work through a divorce and the division of property, they might need to look at how the mortgage is handled while determining ownership of the family home. While the courts may declare that the house legally belongs to one spouse or the other, the lender that is entitled to payments because of a mortgage agreement may not automatically release the party that no longer owns the home from liability for the debt. According to a recent report, the contracts signed when the mortgage was obtained are not affected by the property division rulings made by family law courts. This means that the partner who moves out can eventually be held responsible for missed payments if the mortgage is not modified.

Basketball star intends to fight for child custody

Missouri basketball fans may be interested in a recent child-custody case involving professional basketball player Paul George. Reportedly, the star player for the Indiana Pacers intends to fight for custody of a 2-month-old girl provided that a scientific paternity test proves that he is the biological father of the child.

Frank McCourt's former wife ordered to pay fees

Missouri readers may be interested in the a recent decision made by a Superior Court judge in a high-profile divorce case. When Frank McCourt, the former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and his wife divorced in 2012, their settlement agreement included language intended to bring an end to litigation in the matter of their divorce, according to a decision rendered on June 24, 2014. The judge also suggested that the document included terms making the party who contests the agreement liable for the legal fees incurred by the other party. The woman chose to contest the terms and was eventually ordered to pay for her former husband's attorneys' fees.

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