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November 2014 Archives

Oil tycoon's ex-wife appeals $995 million settlement

People in Missouri who heard about the divorce of oil tycoon Harold Hamm and his now ex-wife Sue Ann Hamm might be interested to learn that after being awarded a divorce settlement worth $995 million on Nov. 10, Hamm has decided to appeal. Harold Hamm is the CEO of Continental Resources, a company he founded in 1967. Sue Ann Hamm claims that since the value of company stock increased to $18 billion while the Hamms were married, she deserves a larger piece in the divorce settlement.

How do unmarried fathers secure the right to object to adoption?

When the mother and father of a child born out of wedlock eventually marry and subsequently divorce, either of them could remarry. If the mother remarries and her new spouse wishes to adopt the child, the biological father may not have the legal right to object if he never established paternity. Missouri fathers in such predicaments could earn the right to object to the adoption under some circumstances.

Can a child support order be modified?

In Missouri, there are times when, after a child support order has been issued by a judge, the financial circumstances of the parties or the residential custody of the child significantly change. In such cases, either parent may file a motion to modify the child support order with the court that has jurisdiction over the case.

Can a court consider a parent's age or income in a custody case?

It's not uncommon for there to be a large disparity in income or age between two parents who are involved in a custody dispute. One parent may be much older or younger than the other or a parent could make significantly less money. Parents sometimes wonder whether their age or income could play a factor in a court's custody decision. According to Missouri law, a court is not allowed to consider a parent's age or financial status when making a custody decision. The court also cannot consider the parent's gender or the age or gender of the child.

Law delineates parental visitation rights with children

Missouri parents who do not have custody of their children are generally entitled to reasonable visitation rights. However, courts may not allow visitation rights under certain circumstances if it would not be in the child's best interests.

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