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December 2014 Archives

Child support covers basics plus a lot more

When parents in Missouri cannot agree to an amount of child support payments, the courts will appoint an amount based on state guidelines. These child support guidelines factor in how much money the non-custodial parent can afford to contribute as well as how many children are involved, but the final amount should ideally cover the child's basic needs. Some parents might be surprised to learn that basic necessities are not all child support is meant to cover.

Understanding how divorce affects inheritances

Some Missouri residents may benefit from learning more about what happens to inheritances when a couple files for divorce. Whether or not an inheritance is subject to property division depends on whom the asset was given to and how the asset was utilized upon receipt.

The paternity challenging process

Missouri citizens who wish to challenge the legal paternity of a child may choose to approach the court and petition to have the fatherhood status of the child changed. They must be willing to state their grounds for challenging the current status, produce evidence that supports their assertions, and properly go through the process of filing a complaint that states their case and proposes a remedy.

How is property divided in Missouri?

Missouri is not a community property state, so courts will follow the principles of equitable distribution when determining property division during divorce proceedings. When making this determination, a judge will consider several different factors including the value of the property, how much each spouse contributed to the purchase of the property and each spouse's economic circumstances.

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