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February 2015 Archives

Parenting agreements in Missouri

While many Missouri divorces between parents are often complex and complicated, others are quick and easy. This is because Missouri parents who can still cooperate with each other can bypass many court hearings and negotiations by working together to come up with a parenting agreement for their children.

Determining the end of child support

In Missouri and all across the United States, child support payments are received by children and parents who may otherwise struggle to make ends meet. Because of the potential consequences that come with being unaware of when these payments are due to end, it is important for children and parents to know when that time is supposed to come.

Legal help for paternity actions

Many fathers in Missouri are unaware that they are not automatically granted parental rights after having a child. If you were unmarried when you became a father, it is important to establish paternity as soon as possible. At our law firm, our attorneys help fathers to establish and protect their parental rights.

Credit and divorce

Couples who obtain a divorce in Missouri may wish to reflect on how their new status will affect their credit. Joint accounts and shared liabilities can continue for years after the marital union they were based on has been dissolved. Attention to detail at the time of dissolution can save serious impact to credit ratings and prevent payment on debt unfairly owed.

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