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April 2015 Archives

Parents who fail to pay child support may end up in jail

While most Missouri parents attempt to pay the child support that they owe, there are others who fail to provide the financial support that their child may be in need of. In some cases, parents who fail to pay may end up in jail. While it may be believed that this is a just sentence, there may be a legitimate reason that some non-custodial parents are not making their child support payments.

Ex-husband may receive assets despite wife's intent

Once a property settlement is entered by the court as part of a final divorce decree, most former spouses part ways with no shared assets. The will of each former spouse is often changed to remove the other spouse as an heir. However, in Missouri and across the country, some people neglect to make changes to the existing beneficiary designations in certain types of accounts, sometimes resulting in these assets being transferred to the former spouse unintentionally.

Factors considered for moving a custody case to new state

Missouri parents who have physical custody of their children following divorces might move to different states for job purposes, to be closer to senior family members or other reasons. If the parents want to modify their custody orders for any reason, they generally have to return to Missouri, where the orders were issued. However, Missouri judges could send the cases to the new states under certain circumstances.

Changing a custody order under Missouri law

Normally, to change an existing child custody order in the state of Missouri, a substantial change in circumstances on the part of one or both parents that would significantly alter the nature of the parent-child relationship must be demonstrated. A few possible reasons a custody order might be modified include the arrest of a parent for a crime, allegations of drug use or abuse, or accusations of domestic violence against either parent.

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