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February 2017 Archives

Missouri Family Law Basics

Image result for family law Whether you are going through a divorce, a modification of a divorce or a child custody dispute, you should know some of the basics of Missouri family law before you meet with an attorney. Missouri family law is the area of law that covers such domestic-related issues as divorce, child support, paternity and child custody. In this article, I will cover some preliminary family Missouri family law topics. If you have additional questions, you should seek the advice of an experienced Missouri family law attorney.

Child Custody Classifications Defined- Finally!!!

Image result for child custody   When people are getting divorced or dealing with child custody issues there is often the question of:  JOINT CUSTODY OR SOLE CUSTODY??? For years in the State of Missouri, the label just didn't matter. A man would get his kids every other weekend from Friday night to Sunday night and we would still check the box for Joint Physical Custody. And the judge signed off on it, no problem.  Obviously when someone got their kids 50% of the time it was called joint custody too.  In the rare situation where a parent got "Sole Physical Custody", the other parent likely felt some shame, since all the parents they knew were sharing "joint custody" of their children. Well, this has recently all changed in Missouri.  Thanks to a recent Missouri Court of Appeals decision, we have somewhat of a bright line as to what is joint custody and what is sole custody. Missouri child custody law was recently rewritten to state that it is preferable for parents to have substantially equal parenting time with children.  

5 Ways to Handle Your Hostile Ex

An excellent article by Virginia Gilbert, Marriage & Family Therapist: bullfight Some people don't ever get over their divorce. It doesn't matter if they wind up with the house, all your money, a hot new partner, and your entire social circle. Ultimately, those tangibles don't matter because they don't get to the root of the problem: shame.
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