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Jail time .jpgWhen Wesley Bell became prosecutor of St Louis County several weeks ago, he stated that one of his new policy changes is that the St Louis County Prosecuting Attorney's office would no longer criminally charge people if they fail to pay child support. His reason for this is that the non-paying parent is not making any money in jail. And it also might make it harder for them to find a job in the future if they have a felony on their record.

Child support payments may be used for a diverse range of costs

Taking care of a child is a difficult but rewarding endeavor. Aside from the emotional and physical issues that a child may have to confront throughout their life, they also have many basic day-to-day needs that must be taken care of to ensure that they can live a happy and safe life.

My oldest child turned 18, shouldn't my support payment drop?

The issue of child support can present a lot of complications. Those with experience in dealing with such matters under Missouri law know that a so-called "calculator" is used to set levels of payment for parents. But in our computer-dominated world, there is truth in the phrase "garbage in, garbage out."

Parents who fail to pay child support may end up in jail

While most Missouri parents attempt to pay the child support that they owe, there are others who fail to provide the financial support that their child may be in need of. In some cases, parents who fail to pay may end up in jail. While it may be believed that this is a just sentence, there may be a legitimate reason that some non-custodial parents are not making their child support payments.

Accessing Social Security benefits for child support

A custodial parent in Missouri looking to collect unpaid child support may be able to garnish a percentage of his or her spouse's Social Security benefits. This rule does not apply to Supplemental Security Income benefits, which are considered a form of welfare and are not subject to child support garnishment. However, all other types of earned Social Security, including retirement, disability and survivor benefits, are fair game.

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