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Residents of Missouri who would like assistance with regard to child support services can turn to the Missouri Family Support Division, or FSD, which provides services to alleged fathers, children between 18 and 21 years of age, representatives of deceased custodial parent’s estate, custodial parents, non-custodial parents and those who have legal custody of a child but are not one of the child’s parents. Some services that the FSD offers include establishment of child support orders, reviews of orders that already have been created and enforcement of child support orders, which may include actions such as withholding income, lottery winnings or income tax return money; filing civil or criminal charges against individuals who fail to pay their child support; and reporting those who owe past due support to credit bureaus.

The FSD can also help in the establishment of paternity, which means arranging for a paternity test. If the test comes back positive, then the agency enters an order that establishes parenthood.

In order to apply for FSD services, an individual needs to fill out an application and submit it either online or by mail. Supplying additional documentation and information to the FSD can be helpful as well. Such information may include residence and employment information about the other parent, legal documentation such as child support payment records, birth certificates, child custody documentation or marriage licenses and any financial information the parent can provide.

An individual who wishes to get child support from their child’s other parent may want to contact a lawyer. A lawyer could help gather the appropriate information and paperwork to submit to government agencies. An attorney could also file civil charges against a parent who has not maintained their child support obligations.

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