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Determining the end of child support

In Missouri and all across the United States, child support payments are received by children and parents who may otherwise struggle to make ends meet. Because of the potential consequences that come with being unaware of when these payments are due to end, it is important for children and parents to know when that time is supposed to come.

Child custody laws can vary greatly from state to state. In the state of Missouri, children typically receive support payments until they reach the age of 18, become emancipated, get married or graduate from high school. If the child is still in high school past the age of 18 and has not been married or emancipated, he or she will continue to receive payments up until the age of 21. If a child has special needs, payments are generally extended past the age of 18.

When the time comes for child support payments to end, it is up to the individual who makes the payments to take the appropriate steps needed to terminate the obligation. This applies to parents throughout the United States. If a parent does not appropriately request for payment to be cancelled, he or she may end up making unnecessary payments.

When it comes to child support and similar matters, courts are supposed to work towards solutions that are in the best interests of the child. Since the procedures used by courts can be quite complicated, many parents choose to work with an attorney who can help them understand their responsibilities and rights and assist with carrying out tasks such as modifying, terminating and extending child support payments.

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