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Director going through difficult divorce

Missouri fans of “Fahrenheit 9/11” and other works of director Michael Moore may be surprised to learn that Moore is currently going through a divorce from his wife of 23 years, Kathleen Glynn. She has worked as a producer on some of Moore’s films, and the couple has brought in tens of millions of dollars during their time together. Much of the divorce centers on figuring out how to best divide the money between the couple. A major difficulty, though, comes from his wife’s building of a $2 million vacation mansion in the couple’s native Michigan. Glynn allegedly used marital funds to build the house, and its building has, according to the director’s attorneys, adversely affected Moore’s image and reputation.

In order to back up their assertions, his attorneys have called upon two of Moore’s agents to serve as witnesses during the proceedings. They will show that Moore fills a valuable niche role in the movie industry and that his wife’s construction of the house has damaged that reputation. Also being brought in as evidence are articles covering the building of the house, with one stating that it is a sign of Moore’s hypocrisy.

The couple owns eight properties aside from the mansion, and these will also be divided as part of the divorce. Sources did not cite a specific reason for the divorce, but one characterized it as “vicious.”

For those who are about to go through divorce, it may be difficult to think about the logistics, emotional difficulty and strain of the process. An attorney with experience in divorce law can counsel a client regarding the various steps and requirements involved.

Source: Fox News, “Director Michael Moore enmeshed in vicious divorce“, June 08, 2014