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Do you need information on sole custody and joint custody?

Going through divorce may be one of the most trying times in your life. You may have struggled for some time to even come to this decision, and now you have a number of other life-changing decisions ahead of you. In particular, you likely worry about how the choices you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse make will impact your children.

In particular, possible child custody arrangements are likely weighing heavily on your mind. You may not know what type of agreement will best suit the needs of your family and the best interests of your children. Fortunately, you can take the time to gain information on the available options before making any decisions.

Sole vs. joint custody

One aspect of custody you will need to consider relates to whether you may want to work toward sole custody or if you think a joint custody arrangement would suit the circumstances. Of course, you may need to understand what those options actually mean.

When it comes to sole physical custody, this arrangement means that you — or the other parent — wants the children to live with only one parent for the majority of the time. If you obtain sole physical custody, the children would have visitation times scheduled with the other parent. As part of the custody arrangements and divorce decree, a visitation schedule can be included. When it comes to creating this type of schedule, you and the other parent may want to make the terms as detailed as possible.

With joint physical custody, you and the other parent would share time with the kids as evenly as possible. While an ideal situation would result in each of you having the kids 50 percent of the time, that arrangement is not always feasible for various reasons. As a result, the terms would work toward making the custody times as close to equal as possible.

What is right for you?

Many people have considered joint custody the more favorable option when it comes to child custody because it allows the children to better maintain strong relationships with both parents. However, the terms that work best for your kids will depend on the specific details of your case. Therefore, you may want to ensure that you fully assess the various circumstances your family needs to address when it comes to making this important choice.

If you feel uncertain about how to come to custody terms or need more information on sole custody and joint custody, you may want to consult with a St. Louis attorney who could provide valuable insight into your case.