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Child support amounts are computed based on multiple factors including the parents’ incomes and the child’s daily and extracurricular expenses. If you are divorced or separated from your spouse and your child is under the custody of your ex-wife or husband, you have probably been ordered to pay child support in order to ensure the best interests of the child. Failure to pay child support in Missouri can result in lawsuits that can disrupt not just your life but also your child’s financial needs.

Nobody is exempt from a child support dispute, whether you are an ordinary citizen or a famous football player.

If you are a football fan in Missouri, it is likely you have heard of Giants safety Will Hill. He was recently detained while out of state for delinquent payments on child support. However, he earned almost half a million dollars in 2013 — enough money to pay his outstanding balance of less than $10,000 for overdue support. While in jail, he immediately paid his delayed child support payments and was released.

Unfortunately, not all parents who have been ordered to pay child support take their obligation seriously. In this case, it seems quite clear that parent could afford to pay but simply chose not to. In situations like this, it is important for custodial parents to remember that child support is not optional. It has been ordered by a court, and the non-custodial parent must make payments unless the order is modified in a way that the court approves of. With the help of an attorney, it may be possible to seek past-due child support to ensure the well-being of your child.

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