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Father asks court for custody modification after video goes viral

Some Missouri residents are aware of a viral video clip of an episode of Dr. Phil that has recently made the rounds. The video features a 13-year-old girl who is blatantly disrespectful and rude. Her parents are no longer together, and her father is now asking for a custody modification based on how the child’s behavior has been addressed by her mother.

It is unclear what led the family to be featured on Dr. Phil. However, the girl’s poor attitude has gained her a small degree of fame. Clips of the show have been made into many different memes, and the teen has been invited to appear on other shows and to travel to Los Angeles. She has even hired a bodyguard for some appearances.

Her father feels that she is being exploited by her mother and that her actions are being used to make money. He asserts that his daughter has stolen cars, stolen her mother’s credit card and has been allowed to drop out of school in the seventh grade. He claims that her mother is creating problems for the child by allowing and encouraging these types of behavior, and he is asking the court to grant him a greater degree of decision-making responsibility in the girl’s life.

As the court looks into this matter, many parents in Missouri and elsewhere can understand the father’s frustrations. When a custodial parent makes decisions that are not in line with the other parent’s morals or beliefs, it can be difficult to stand by and do nothing. Some parents will feel that they have no choice but to step in and ask the court to make a custody modification, in order to provide the child with a better living environment or with improved parental guidance.

Source:, “Cash me outside: Teen’s father files lawsuit to gain more rights“, Liz Balmaseda, March 10, 2017