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Father seeks $130 million, says his parental rights were violated

Men in St. Louis must make sure that they know their parental rights when it comes to child custody. In certain situations, establishing paternity is an important step when working to grant fathers their rights. It is important for people to obtain the best representation possible, so that the best interests of the child are taken into account.

Missouri residents may be interested in a case in which a father has filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit arguing that his paternal rights were violated after his newborn was given up for adoption. The total sought in the lawsuit is $130 million. The father has claimed that the mother illegally put their son up for adoption without allowing him to seek custody.

Establishing paternity through DNA testing is a very important step to getting fathers child custody. However, being the biological father of a child and not being married to the child’s mother creates its own set of issues when the father seeks primary custody of the child.

While the father in this story is a resident of Utah, residents of Missouri are likely to take note, since the father’s claim was filed in federal court and not state court. The father in this case failed to meet several requirements for custody, such as, filing a petition for paternity, signing a sworn affidavit and creating a plan of how he will care for the child.

When you are dealing with the livelihood of your child, it is extremely important to work closely with an experienced attorney. Understanding the laws surrounding child custody, paternity and fathers’ rights is extremely useful if you are petitioning for custody.

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