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Having second thoughts about a child custody case?

For Missouri parents, few things are more stressful than the end of a marriage. Not only does divorce represent the end of the bond between a husband and wife, it also brings about a wide range of worries about how parenting time will be divided. It is not uncommon for parents to have second thoughts during a child custody case and to question whether they are making the right move in dividing the family.

When considering second thoughts, it is helpful to determine the root cause of one’s doubts. Often, second thoughts are based in fear of the uncertainties that lie ahead, especially in regard to the care and custody of one’s children. The best way to address the issue is to reduce the number of uncertainties, which can be accomplished by playing an active role in the legal aspects of the divorce.

By becoming involved in the divorce process, spouses can gain an understanding of the likely outcomes in regard to spousal and child support as well as child custody. Knowing that one’s financial needs will be met in the years following a divorce can take a great deal of strain off of one’s mind. In addition, working toward a mutually agreeable child custody resolution can also reduce the stress that can surround a divorce.

Missouri parents who are having second thoughts about their divorce and child custody case should take steps to address their level of comfort with the changes to come. For some, this means focusing on the details of their custody agreement. For others, turning the focus to the future is a solid approach and can be a potent reminder that there are plenty of happy days ahead for both parents and children.

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