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Many fathers in Missouri are unaware that they are not automatically granted parental rights after having a child. If you were unmarried when you became a father, it is important to establish paternity as soon as possible. At our law firm, our attorneys help fathers to establish and protect their parental rights.

Once paternity is legally established, a father has the right to petition the court for a child visitation order or pursue child custody. If the father has physical custody of his child already, he may ask for child support payments from the mother after paternity has been established. A father also has the right to request modifications to prior child custody or visitation orders, and he can offer his input in crucial legal decisions regarding his child.

Establishing paternity after a child is born benefits the child as well as the father. Whether a child’s parents were divorced, married or never married when they were born, the child has the right to financial and emotional support from both parents. Legally establishing fatherhood can allow a child to receive benefits from their father’s health insurance plan and provide doctors with both sides of the child’s family medical history.

Our attorneys have been practicing family law in the state of Missouri for more than 10 years. With an in-depth knowledge of a variety of related matters, we are particularly adept at helping fathers to establish paternity and pursue their parental rights. If you are looking for legal representation for your paternity action, you are invited to visit our page on parental rights to learn more about the services we offer.