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Man arrested a dozen times for not paying child support

As you probably know, a noncustodial parent’s monthly child support payments are meant to ensure that the custodial parent has the financial means to provide for the child’s needs. Many noncustodial parents happily contribute funds to their children’s well-being. Unfortunately, there are other parents who fail to keep up with the required payments, and this is just as true in Missouri as it proved to be in a case in Pennsylvania.

A Pennsylvania father has been arrested for the 12th time after failing to meet his child support obligations. These arrests have all happened within the span of four years. Back in 2009, his child support debts totaled $109,000. The amount has continued to be approximately $100,000 ever since. Various punitive, court-ordered actions have been taken against the man over the years.

As everyone should know, failing to pay child support ultimately hurts the child. There are good reasons for the serious penalties parents can face if they try to avoid support payments.

Although the father in this case is from another state, many parents in Missouri have to seek child support enforcement to make a noncustodial parent pay. Whether you are owed child support or you are struggling to keep up with payments, it is extremely important to address the matter quickly.

An attorney with knowledge of Missouri’s child support laws can help you negotiate the matter and pursue a just resolution. Your child’s well-being is of paramount importance, and there are legal avenues available to help you protect your child’s best interests.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Man jailed for failing to pay child support for 12th time,” Brett Sholtis, April 11, 2014