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Missouri dad’s kids found after being illegally taken by mother

Sometimes child custody arrangements can be hard on parents after a divorce. Maybe there was a dispute, and a judge had to make a decision between two good parents who just couldn’t come to a custody agreement. Life changes, though, and it may be possible in some cases for a parent to seek a child custody modification. What parents should never do is violate a child custody order.

Recently a Missouri father was relieved to learn that authorities had located his three children, who were taken by their biological mother out of state without the father’s permission. He said the mother, who did not have custody of the children, hadn’t been in contact with him in almost four years, and with this recent incident, she has seriously risked her right to be in contact with her children.

The children, who are 11, 14 and 15 years old, were located by authorities in Canada. They were with their biological mother and apparently unharmed. The father, who lives in Cass County, said he didn’t fear for his children’s safety, but he was worried that they may have been frightened by the whole ordeal.

Now the biological mother is facing a charge of interference with child custody. After such a frightening incident, it isn’t uncommon for custodial parents to seek an order of protection against the other parent.

Interfering with a child custody order can have serious consequences. Parents should always remember that the main priority should be to protect the children’s best interests. If a child custody modification is desired, it is never a good idea to circumvent the proper legal channels.

Likewise, if a custodial parent doesn’t approve of the other parent’s request for a modification, then it is a good idea to consult with a family law attorney with experience in protecting the well-being of children.

Source:, “Mother, 3 missing kids in custody in Canada,” Oct. 16, 2013