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Posts tagged "High Asset Divorce"

Knowing when to contact a divorce attorney

A great many spouses who eventually end their marriages spend an enormous amount of time considering that possibility prior to taking any action. Some are uncertain at which point they should contact a divorce attorney, and waver in making this critical decision. It is important to understand that when it comes to matters of Missouri divorce, including property division and child custody, taking a proactive approach is the best possible course of action.

Tips on improving credit before and after a divorce

Many Missouri couples have amassed a significant volume of wealth within their marriage and are in a good position to divide their marital assets during a divorce. That said, there are many cases in which one or both spouses have neglected to develop or maintain a positive credit history. Failure to have good credit can lead to a wide range of problems after a divorce, including difficulty opening new lines of credit and even problems finding a new job.

Data collection and your Missouri divorce

With the advent of smartphones, life has changed for many Missouri residents. We now have the power to find the cheapest gas prices, locate the nearest Chinese restaurant, keep up with friends and family and catch up on work -- all using a relatively tiny personal computer that fits in our pockets and is also able to make a simple phone call. What few realize, however, is that the same technology that can give us almost instant driving directions to our next destination is also able to track our whereabouts at any given point in time. For spouses who are preparing to divorce, smartphones can be used to secure a great deal of information.

What to look for in a Missouri divorce attorney

For Missouri spouses, securing legal counsel is the first step in moving toward divorce. Many people fail to recognize the importance of the attorney/client relationship, or the impact that this professional bond can have on the outcome of the divorce process. Finding the right fit is well worth the time and effort it takes to meet with a few potential choices.

Missouri couples discuss benefits of planning for divorce

Whatever the circumstances of your marriage, times and people change. Many couples reach a point where it is time for a fresh start. If they choose to go their separate ways, both parties need to reach a number of agreements concerning finances, possessions, child custody and the decision to file for divorce. For some couples in Missouri, this feels like an unlikely outcome. Others, however, choose to make provisions for divorce, in case their marriage doesn't last forever.

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