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Division of artists' creative works as a joint marital asset

Artists in Missouri who are divorcing may think about how to divide the house and the bank accounts without realizing that their art may be considered a marital asset as well. Any artwork that is created after a couple is married and prior to separation or filing for divorce is jointly owned. However, there may be a number of ways to divide up such an asset depending on the individual circumstances of the artist and the couple.

The high cost of Arnold Schwarzenegger's divorce

Former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is suffering steep repercussions for his previous, and highly publicized act of infidelity. Since he did not sign a prenuptial agreement prior to his marriage to Maria Shriver, he is at risk of dividing his assets in half as a result of his divorce. In 2011, after 25 years of marriage, Shriver filed for divorce after finding out about the child Schwarzenegger had with their ex-housekeeper. However, he will also be entitled to half of his wife's wealth as well.

How will your marital property be divided in divorce?

Going through a divorce can make the future uncertain. The family dynamic is changing, and in many cases, each party's financial future is in limbo. There may be questions of child support and spousal support, or the division of marital property may be in dispute.

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