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Parenting agreements in Missouri

While many Missouri divorces between parents are often complex and complicated, others are quick and easy. This is because Missouri parents who can still cooperate with each other can bypass many court hearings and negotiations by working together to come up with a parenting agreement for their children.

The rise of virtual visitation child custody cases in America

A new child custody law may affect how parents from Missouri relate to their children. Also known as 'Internet visitation" or 'electronic visitation," virtual visitation is now becoming a common legal term in which a parent might request to keep in contact with their child through the use of modern technology. In many cases, a non-custodial parent may wish to apply the terms of virtual visitation to a child custody order in court. The modification might be necessary in situations where a custodial parent is moving with the child to another state.

Law delineates parental visitation rights with children

Missouri parents who do not have custody of their children are generally entitled to reasonable visitation rights. However, courts may not allow visitation rights under certain circumstances if it would not be in the child's best interests.

Child Support in Missouri

Residents of Missouri who would like assistance with regard to child support services can turn to the Missouri Family Support Division, or FSD, which provides services to alleged fathers, children between 18 and 21 years of age, representatives of deceased custodial parent's estate, custodial parents, non-custodial parents and those who have legal custody of a child but are not one of the child's parents. Some services that the FSD offers include establishment of child support orders, reviews of orders that already have been created and enforcement of child support orders, which may include actions such as withholding income, lottery winnings or income tax return money; filing civil or criminal charges against individuals who fail to pay their child support; and reporting those who owe past due support to credit bureaus.

Basketball star intends to fight for child custody

Missouri basketball fans may be interested in a recent child-custody case involving professional basketball player Paul George. Reportedly, the star player for the Indiana Pacers intends to fight for custody of a 2-month-old girl provided that a scientific paternity test proves that he is the biological father of the child.

Missouri dad's kids found after being illegally taken by mother

Sometimes child custody arrangements can be hard on parents after a divorce. Maybe there was a dispute, and a judge had to make a decision between two good parents who just couldn't come to a custody agreement. Life changes, though, and it may be possible in some cases for a parent to seek a child custody modification. What parents should never do is violate a child custody order.

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