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Posts tagged "visitation rights"

The rise of virtual visitation child custody cases in America

A new child custody law may affect how parents from Missouri relate to their children. Also known as 'Internet visitation" or 'electronic visitation," virtual visitation is now becoming a common legal term in which a parent might request to keep in contact with their child through the use of modern technology. In many cases, a non-custodial parent may wish to apply the terms of virtual visitation to a child custody order in court. The modification might be necessary in situations where a custodial parent is moving with the child to another state.

Law delineates parental visitation rights with children

Missouri parents who do not have custody of their children are generally entitled to reasonable visitation rights. However, courts may not allow visitation rights under certain circumstances if it would not be in the child's best interests.

Missouri marriage rate decreasing as divorce rate remains high

The process of divorce can be a trying one for all parties involved. Worries about breaking the news to friends and family, division of assets and child custody disputes all come to light. All of these factors highlight the commitments of a marriage, especially when children are involved. Nevertheless, every relationship has its ups and downs, and this is no less true in Missouri, where divorce rates are still higher than they were 50 years ago despite a recent decline in the number of marriages per year.

Is the 'nuclear family' a bygone definition?

When someone hears the term “nuclear family,” they might think of a married mom and dad with two kids. The family is likely all of the same race and the kids are probably a boy and a girl with perfect smiles, perfect behaviors, a skill for tennis and a love of school.

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