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Most everyone probably has heard that an uncontested divorce can save people a ton of time, money and aggravation, so it is usually the goal of at least one of the parties to the divorce. Because of that, many people call me and tell me that they need to hire me to do a non-contested divorce. And then they tell me their situation…

A Non Contested Divorce does not mean that you and your spouse both agree that you want a divorce.

Missouri is a no-fault state. That means that you can get a divorce from your spouse for any reason, or none at all. You do not need to prove anything to justify the filing of a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.

Then what is a non-contested divorce?

A Non-Contested Divorce means that, in addition to both of you wanting a divorce, you and your spouse are in agreement on everything that will be contained in the divorce. That means division of all real estate, property and debts, child custody and support (including how much), maintenance and payment of attorney fees. Obviously if you can both agree to how you will deal with all of these things, you can have one attorney, although it would always be recommended that your spouse have the opportunity to take any final settlement documents to an attorney for review BEFORE signing.