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How To File For An Order Of Protection While The Courthouses Are Still In Shutdown Mode

The St Louis County Courthouse is still in a partial shutdown and not open to the general public. However, if you or your child has suffered abuse or feels threatened or afraid of your spouse, the child’s other parent or your partner, you should file a Petition for an Order of Protection as soon as possible.

How to File Your Petition for an Order Protection Online:

In St Louis County, Orders of Protection are considered to be “urgent matters”. Therefore, the courthouse has kept the Order of Protection office open if you need to go and file for one. Be prepared to go through some screening if you have to go file in person. However, you also have the option to file your Petition online. Here is the link:

In addition, you can request that your Order of Protection hearing be held remotely, over Zoom. You will have to fill out a request for that, which can be found here:

Keeping St. Louis County Safe:

St Louis County is committed to keeping court personnel as well as the public safe and healthy while balancing the rights of litigants that need to have their case heard.  If you are in a county different than St Louis County, be aware that they are taking similar precautions, but there may be some differences as to what is open and available. You will need to check your courthouse’s website or call and ask. If you have an attorney, they may have information for you as well.

For help filing your petition for an Order of Protection contact my office today.