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My Divorce and Family Law Practice

At the Law Office of Barbara Graham, LLC, I focus my practice on helping clients resolve family issues. This includes family matters ranging from divorce to adoption. No matter the legal issue you face, I can help you understand your options under the law in Missouri and help you meet your goals.

While I am focused on helping my clients reach agreements amicably with their spouses, I am also prepared to take my clients’ cases to court if it is necessary to protect their rights. Call my office to schedule an appointment with me at 314-725-7600 .

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I focus on the following areas in my legal practice

What We Do


I take a personalized approach in cases that are charged with emotional elements. I spend time with my clients to identify their needs and goals, help them make decisions and move forward with aggressive advocacy throughout the divorce process.

Property Division

In Missouri, marital property is divided equitably during a divorce. I can help you understand how it will impact your property and protect your rights during your divorce.

Custody and visitation

As a parent myself and a Missouri child custody lawyer, I understand that everyone’s schedules are different when his or her children have social lives. Child custody and visitation agreements should provide as little disruption as possible.

Child Support

At the Law Office of Barbara Graham, LLC, I focus on the best interests of children in child support agreements. While there is a set formula, I take a thorough approach to identify hidden income with the help of financial experts.

Spousal Support

Formerly called alimony, maintenance or spousal support is not determined by a formula. Length of the marriage and the disparity in income play a role in bridging the financial gap some spouses face.


Tempers flare in a divorce. Arguments can become heated and physically violent. I encourage my clients who feel unsafe or threatened to consult me regarding orders of protection.


As situations change, child custody, child support and spousal maintenance agreements require adjustments. Modifications become more complex and emotional when a significant life change such as relocation, loss of a job or remarriage is involved, requiring the help of a St. Louis divorce lawyer. I can help with any type of modification, including changes to custody due to relocation to another jurisdiction.


For stepparents who want to formalize a relationship with a stepchild, I take the steps necessary in the adoption process. I also assist with the process of obtaining a Guardianship of a Minor when a family member is caring for a child whose parents are unable or willing.


Single mothers need financial help. Single fathers want time with their children.  We represent parents in the establishment of Paternity, which is an important first step in determining child support and visitation.

Entertainment Law

In addition to my practice of family law, I also bring experience representing recording artists and labels regarding contractual entertainment agreements.

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