Contempt & Enforcement

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Enforcing a Support Order in Missouri

Contempt & Enforcement

Maintenance, spousal support and child support are necessary payments ordered by the court that individuals rely on and deserve to receive. When an individual fails to pay child or spousal support, it can create a financial burden on the person due the support. In addition, if a spouse is ordered to pay a certain debt or refinance a loan and does not, the other spouse’s credit may be affected negatively. At the Law Office of Barbara Graham, LLC, I understand what is at stake when payments are not made or orders are not followed and the difficulties of enforcing such payments.

With more than 20 years of experience practicing law, I am knowledgeable in Missouri divorce laws. I assist residents of St. Louis County, Missouri, the City of St. Louis, St. Charles County, Missouri, as well as other neighboring county residents enforce child support, maintenance, and spousal support court orders, as well as other family court orders and file civil contempt motions when necessary. If you need assistance with enforcement of Missouri payments, I can help.

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Contempt — When It Makes a Difference

If an individual has the ability to pay and deliberately violates a court order for support, the courts may hold that individual in contempt for failure to pay the child support or maintenance. An individual charged with contempt faces the penalties of incarceration, restitution and fines.

People can be in contempt for not following other orders under their divorce, such as an order that they refinance or pay a debt, or pay for a child’s medical expenses or activities.

How I Can Help You?

When assisting individuals with child support and maintenance enforcement, or the enforcement of other court orders, I analyze the situation to verify that there was in fact contempt. If contempt was involved, my firm investigates what remedies are available to our client. If the individual had means to pay my client but deliberately failed to do so or spent the money on non-necessities, I represent my client in a contempt action by filing a motion for contempt and enforcement.

If you are not receiving court-ordered child support payments, spousal support payments, or maintenance, and believe the individual has the ability to pay the support, I may be able to assist you in a civil contempt action to reimburse you and punish the individual.

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