Guardianship of Minors

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Obtaining Guardianship Over a Minor

Guardianship of Minors

Often people have a child residing with them due to the natural parents not being able or willing to care for the child. It may be difficult for that person to register the child in school, obtain health insurance, or even consent to medical care, and they need to have a guardianship to be able to do so. If you are considering becoming a guardian over a minor, you should speak with an attorney about your responsibilities and your rights. A lawyer with experience obtaining guardianships for clients can explain the process to you and what you can expect in the probate court.

At the Law Office of Barbara Graham, LLC, I help individuals who are seeking guardianships over minors. I understand how important the relationship you have is with the child, and I can help you understand your responsibilities if you take on this role in the child’s life. Furthermore, I can guide you through the legal process of becoming a guardian in Missouri.

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Your Responsibilities as a Guardian

When you are appointed as a guardian, you will be responsible for the care and support of the child, which is referred to as the ward. This includes providing financial care such as shelter, medical care, food and clothing for the child.

Becoming a Guardian

To become a guardian in Missouri, you do not need to be related to the child. However, preference is given to family members who see guardianships.

The first step to becoming a guardian is to file with the probate court. I can help you determine the appropriate court in which to file and help you complete the paperwork.

Next, a judge will schedule a hearing of your case and appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the child’s interests. I can act as your advocate in this hearing and will stand by your side throughout the process.

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