Orders of Protection

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Domestic Violence and

Orders of Protection

Throughout the divorce process, emotions run high. Spouses are grieving the loss of their marriage. They may feel betrayed and want to lash out at their soon-to-be ex. Some use the legal process to punish them. Others resort to physical outbursts that take the form of domestic violence.

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At the Law Office of Barbara Graham, LLC, the safety of my clients is vital to me, whether they are involved in a divorce or dealing with an abusive spouse. Protection is available through St. Louis-area courts and law enforcement. If arguments have reached the level of serious threats or acts of assault, I move quickly to take the necessary steps in shielding them from an abusive spouse.

Do not tolerate abuse from a spouse you are divorcing. Do not live in fear of physical assaults.

Orders of Protection - St. Louis Divorce Lawyer Barbara Graham

Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

Excusing or minimizing instances of domestic violence or threats of physical harm does little to stop the pattern of abuse. You are entitled to feel safe. You are entitled to protection by local police officers enforcing a legal order.

Once the order is entered, your spouse must stay away. Telephone and e-mail harassment must cease as well. Any form of contact or threats will result in serious consequences for the spouse violating an order of protection.

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