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Sperm donor ordered to pay child support

A man who answered a Craigslist ad from two women who were seeking a sperm donor has now been ordered to pay child support. The man claimed to have waived his parental rights, but a district judge says he is still liable for the child’s well-being.

The judge claims that the parties in question did not use a licensed physician to conduct the process so the donor has no claim as technically being a donor and not a parent. The state has a strict law stating that a licensed physician must be enlisted at some point during the sperm donation process to make it official.

This case underscores the importance of clearly understanding the laws in your state. While some may find it hard to believe that a sperm donor would be forced to pay child support, under Kansas law, he is the child’s father. Understanding laws relevant to whatever you are doing – whether it is donating sperm or seeking child custody – is the best way to ensure that your rights as a parent, or non-parent, are protected.

Although the parties involved in this particular case are residents of Kansas, residents of Missouri may be interested to find out the specific requirements of the sperm donor process within our state and how it may apply to child support requirements. A state agency declared the man to be the father in October 2012. He can now be held liable for paying near $6,000 of retroactive child support payments and any future payments that there may be.


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