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Terrence Howard asks judge to throw out divorce agreement

Missouri fans of Terrence Howard might be surprised to learn that the Oscar-nominated actor lives on less than $6,000 a month, according to TMZ. Howard has asked a judge to release him from his divorce agreement with his second wife, Michelle Ghent, claiming that the spousal support and child support he gives his first wife does not leave him enough to support Ghent as well. Howard and Ghent were married for an approximate year.

Howard initially agreed to give Ghent $325,000 in spousal support, though he says she used blackmail and extortion to get him to sign their settlement agreement. The 45-year-old actor also said that his earnings go to his first wife, Lori McMasters, who uses the money for their children’s expenses and then gives him about $5,878 a month. McMasters was married to Howard for 14 years. The couple produced three children, two of whom are minors and live with their mother. The former couple’s eldest child is over 18.

The matter with Ghent is further complicated by a court order preventing Howard from getting within 300 yards of her. She accused him of physically abusing her, stating that he had kicked and hit her. In September 2013, Howard did agree to stay away from Ghent for three years and to pay her attorney’s fees of $14,800 by July. However, he did not admit liability.

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Source: Daily News, “Terrence Howard says he can’t afford spousal support for ex-wife, only makes $6,000 a month: report“, Zayda Rivera, July 28, 2014