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On October 11, 2018, the Music Modernization Act (H.R. 1551) or MMA was signed into law.

Child custody determinations are very important to parents and kids alike. While many child custody cases arrive in court pursuant to divorces and separations, others require judicial intervention at different times in the lives of the parties. Whenever a child custody matter is contested or under consideration, the parties should find legal professionals that they can trust to help them with their legal needs.

Missouri parents may enjoy the continuation of their physical and legal custody of their children when their marriages end. If the parents are granted joint physical and legal custody then they must work together to ensure that both have a say in how their kids are raised and custodial time with their kids in their homes. On the other side of the custody spectrum, both legal and physical custody may be granted to just one parent in a sole custody arrangement.

Based on the needs and best interests of the kids, child custody can be split between the parents in any number of ways. Courts look at many factors to decide where children should live and how best to support their unique needs and requirements before issuing their final decisions.

Parents can choose to work out child custody plans with their exes to find collaborative ways to settle their parenting differences in support of their kids. Their attorneys can help them negotiate child custody arrangements that work with their schedules and provide their children with the love and care that they deserve. Any changes made to child custody plans may be done through the courts through the modification process.