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What to look for in a Missouri divorce attorney

For Missouri spouses, securing legal counsel is the first step in moving toward divorce. Many people fail to recognize the importance of the attorney/client relationship, or the impact that this professional bond can have on the outcome of the divorce process. Finding the right fit is well worth the time and effort it takes to meet with a few potential choices.

When speaking with a divorce attorney, spouses should come prepared with a list of their top questions and concerns. For some, the manner in which billing will occur is a primary focus. Others are concerned about the timeframe of the divorce process and what to expect. No matter what an individual chooses to focus on during the initial consultation, it is important to pay attention to the manner in which the attorney reacts to those concerns. This can be a key indicator of how future communications may progress.

Also, spouses should look for an attorney who shares their approach to divorce. A client who anticipates a nasty battle over property division or child custody should look for an attorney who takes a hard line on such topics. Likewise, a spouse who wants to pursue a collaborative divorce should search for an attorney who favors mediation and collaboration over hashing a divorce out in court.

Finally, Missouri spouses must be willing to trust their gut when it comes to working with a divorce attorney. If it becomes apparent that an attorney is not properly committed to working toward one’s divorce goals, it is perfectly acceptable to end that professional relationship and move on. The outcome of divorce will shape one’s life for many years to come, and finding a solid attorney/client relationship is key to achieving a favorable outcome.

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