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Divorce is hard on children, they shouldn't have to worry about money.

The kids may worry about where they will live and if they will have to change schools. They may fear that their parents’ divorce will impact the love and support they receive and the time they get to spend with their loved ones. Divorce is hard on children, and one issue they should not have to worry about is where the money to care for them is coming from.

After a divorce, both of a child’s parents are expected to provide them with financial support. However, depending on the income of each parent, they may have very different financial responsibilities. When child support is computed in Missouri, courts first determine the gross incomes of the parents.

Gross income includes many different sources of income. Regular salaries and wages, government benefits of different forms, investments, interest, and commissions can all be combined to determine a parent’s gross income. Based on this gross income, their child support responsibility will be computed based on the guidelines of the state and the recommendations of the judge.

Child support can be used to cover many different costs associated with providing for a child. As parents begin the process of ending their marriage, they may wish to consider what they will have to do to ensure that their kids have what they need and can maintain stability through the transition. Family law attorneys can support families as they undertake these and other legal changes.